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13 Jan 2022, Thursday - Capabilities and developments of Ground Penetrating Radar


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method often used as non-invasive technique in several fields ranging from engineering to archaeology. Arguably, within the engineering fields, the most common applications of GPR are concrete scanning for rebar location and subsurface imaging for utility mapping.

However, GPR can be also used in geotechnical applications like: Monitoring of ballast fouling on railway tracks, Detection of sinkholes, Geological characterization (bedrock, cavities, horizons), Monitoring layer thickness on paved roads, and others.

This presentation will cover some of the fundamentals of the method and its main applications. Moreover, several study cases will be discussed in order to show current potential and limitations of GPR technology. Lastly, some of the latest hardware and software developments will also be discussed, in particular Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW) GPR.

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