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SYGeoSS 5th Technical Presentation Competition 2022 (Extended Deadline 4 July 2022)

Dear GeoSS Members,

Please note that we have extended the date of submission for SYGeoSS 5th Technical Presentation Competition 2022 to 4 July 2022. We look forward to your participation.


Student and Youth Wing of Geotechnical Society of Singapore (SYGeoSS) connects young geotechnical engineers and involves them in activities to promote geotechnical engineering.

The objectives of the competition are for young engineers and students to share their experience, results of work and research, and perspectives on future advancement of the geotechnical profession.


Young engineers and students (35 years of age or under on 22nd September 2022) are invited to participate in the competition by submitting a recorded technical presentation applicable to geotechnical engineering.

The entries must be from an unpublished presentation / unpublished paper.

The presentation shall incorporate at least one of the following three topics:

  1. Digitalization to improve productivity

E.g., Adopting automation in design process or construction process, using big data to increase accuracy, utilising AI in daily task, or using advance construction equipment, etc..

  1. Sustainability practices that reduce overall carbon footprint

E.g., Practices that reduce carbon emission or life cycle impact assessment of project showcasing practices that can reduce carbon emission & etc.

  1. Using state of art techniques to solve a geotechnical problem

E.g., Adopting new design method, construction method or new geotechnical products to solve a geotechnical problem, etc..

Joint authorship/presentation is welcome, but the junior author / presenter must be the lead and be responsible for the main work described in the paper / presentation. All applicants must be a GeoSS member to be eligible for this competition.

A judging panel nominated by the GeoSS main committee will review and shortlist the entries.

The shortlisted candidates will be required to make an oral presentation on 22 September 2022 and the winner shall be decided by the judging panel following the presentation.

The presentation will be notified to the shortlisted candidates at least two weeks prior to the presentation.

The winners will be presented with the following cash prizes during GeoSS AGM 2022:

First Prize = S$1000

Second Prize = S$500

Third Prize = S$300

A full technical paper is not required for the SYGeoSS 5th Technical Presentation Competition. However, the winners may be invited to write and submit his/her paper to any upcoming geotechnical conference.

Submission deadline: 13 June 2022 4 July 2022

Please upload a recorded presentation (Microsoft Teams / Zoom / PowerPoint video, etc.) to a file sharing website (Dropbox / Gdrive / One drive, etc.) and give access to the GeoSS secretariat to download for the committee's review and adjudication.

With best regards

GeoSS Secretariat

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